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  1. FAQ From Users of the New Killingsworth Now App

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

FAQ From Users of the New Killingsworth Now App

All Your Questions About The Killingsworth Now App Answered

Q: What devices does the Killingsworth Now app support?

The Killingsworth Now app is available to iOS users at this time. Sorry, Android users! We are currently working on making it available to the Android Market and will notify the public as soon as it's ready.

Q: Who can use the Killingsworth Now app?

The Killingworth Now app can be downloaded by everyone here, but in order to login you will have to be a current account holder or have an account created for you and set up a service order.

Q: Is there a way to use the Killingsworth app without an account number/as a guest? Why am I prompted to call?

Without an account, we cannot link a service order to you. If you're interested in scheduling one of our services, we'll be happy to create an account for you and then link the service order.

An account setup only takes about 4 minutes over the phone with one of our friendly Customer Service Reps.

Q: Can I use the app without using my data plan?

Yes, just as long as you are logged into wifi you will be able to use the app without using data.

Q: What happens to my personal information once signed up in the app?

Your personal information will be tied to your account. And, don't worry. We respect your privacy'we will not, under any circumstance, release your personal information to any outside party.

Q: What are the benefits and services of the Killingsworth app?

Through the Killingsworth Now app you are able to have a one stop shop for all of your Killingsworth needs. Through the app you can schedule services, set-up reminders, view and use our special offers, and even pay your bill!

Q: If my question is not answered in this blog, where can I get App Support? Please reach out to us at info@thebiggreenk.com with any additional App Support questions that weren’t addressed in this blog. We’d love to hear how your experience has been with the app so far! 

Killingsworth is here to help you with any and all of your home and lawn care needs. Schedule a service with us today!