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Killingsworth environmental bed bug shadow on bed

The Full History of the Bed Bug
Timeline of Bed Bug History: Then and Now

The history of the bed bug is probably not something many of us take time to ponder but is actually pretty interesting. From ancient caves and civilizations to their journey across Europe and the Atlantic, these little blood sucking pests have tortured humankind for centuries. The Early Bed Bug Fossils and ancient scientific writings provide us with a look into the early history of bed bugs. But with that said,

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Killingsworth Environmental family in sunset

5 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day in Charlotte
Prepare your Father’s Day plans in Charlotte now!

Father’s Day is a celebration of all the great fathers and father-figures in our lives. This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 17th! How are you planning on spending the day with your dad? Here are a few things going on in and around Charlotte that would make for a Father’s Day weekend well-spent. Doughnuts With Dad The Billy Graham Library is hosting their annual Doughnuts With Dad event

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Killingsworth Environmental houseplant on table

6 Houseplants That Will Detox Your Home

Clean your indoor air with houseplants! We’d all like to think of our home and office space as places where we are safe and healthy. After all, the majority of us as humans spend more than 90% of our time inside! Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Furnishings, upholstery, synthetic building materials, cleaning products, and other household items used in our homes and office spaces are all responsible for putting harmful

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Killingsworth Environmental bee in flower

Why the World Needs Bees

Save the bees, save the world. For most people, bees are nothing more than an annoyance. They buzz in our ears, ruin our picnics, and chase us around our yards. So when you see a bee, your first instinct is likely to kill it. You might think one less bee will make the world a better place. It’s actually quite the opposite. Each time you kill a bee, you’re creating

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Killingsworth yellow fan

Cool Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Use these cool tips to stay extra cool this Summer Carolina summers are no joke. Really! Temperatures have been known to climb into the triple digits and you don’t even want to get us started on the horrible humidity percentages. Our air conditioning systems provide us with a much-needed relief from the summer heat. It’s difficult to think about what it would be like without them, say if they were

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Killingsworth barefoot in grass

Get your Lawn Barefoot Ready

The ultimate lawn goal? Barefoot approval. There’s no better feeling than kicking off a pair of rubber flip-flops and planting your feet in some soft, luscious, green grass. Even better, going barefoot has some great health benefits including: Increased relaxation Strengthening and stretching of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your feet, ankles, and calves Less stress on joints Improved balance Restored natural gait A greater connection with the Earth

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