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Behind the Rhyme: The True Story Of Johnny Appleseed

Honoring National Johnny Appleseed Day, September 26th by showing you the man behind the famous rhyme On September 26th we honor the man who spread the growth of apple trees across most of our country. And while most have heard the nursery rhyme about his seed-spreading–not many know the truth behind who good ol’ Mr. Appleseed was. The Rhyme… Oh, the Lord is good to me, And so I thank the

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Got Grubs? The Ultimate Guide To Grub Control

A Guide to Grub Control Dry, brown patches in your lawn? Grubs may have invaded your yard. (Dun, dun, dunnnnnn.) But fear not! We’re here to teach you about these pesky invaders, what they can do to your lawn and how to control them. Consider this your all-inclusive guide to grub control. What are grubs? “Grubs”, more specifically white grubs or lawn grubs, are the larvae of different types of

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What Pest Is Snacking On Your Plants?

  Pests are a headache to any landscaper or gardener. After putting a lot of hard work into your lawn or garden, the last thing you want to find is holes bitten out of your plants leaves, stems, fruits, or veggies by an unwanted guest!   We want to help you fight these pesky snackers. The first step? Identification. Characteristics of the most common (and most hungry) lawn and garden

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Top Reasons To Fertilize Your Lawn This Fall

Fall Lawn Care That Lasts All Year For many homeowners, a lush green lawn is something to achieve, maintain and take pride in. A healthy lawn looks good and feels good to walk and play in. It’s also good for the environment. When your lawn is well maintained it can improve air quality, generate oxygen, provide erosion and runoff control, water purification, and can even reduce heat in your yard

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Back To The Basics: Understanding the Importance of Aeration

Understand the Importance of Aerating Your Yard As homeowners, we strive to achieve and maintain a healthy, lush, and beautiful lawn. We’re able to do so with basic lawn care techniques and practices like mowing regularly, fertilizing at the appropriate seasons, watering when necessary, seeding for new growth, treating for weeds, diseases and insects, and more. One technique lawn caretakers don’t always take advantage of is aeration, likely because they

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15 Old School Housekeeping Hacks

Old School Cleaning and Housekeeping Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind Often, the best solution for a mess, clog, stain, scratch, order, and so on… is something you have laying around the house but would have never thought to use.   Below we’ve compiled a list of our favorite “old school cleaning and housekeeping” tips and tricks. These hacks have been passed down through our families for years, and if

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