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6 Reasons Kids Need Fresh Air (And How To Be Sure They Get It)

  With all of the technology available to kids nowadays, it’s easy for them to switch on the iPad or turn on the TV when they’re bored. This season, encourage your kids to put down the electronics and get outside for some fresh air.  Not only will this get them up and moving, but just breathing in some fresh air can do a lot for their health! We’ll talk about

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DIY Cockroach Killers: Effective or Not?

  Cockroaches–aka the pests of all pests! There’s simply nothing worse than finding a cockroach (or twenty) in your home. For years, homeowners have been exploring options for getting rid of cockroaches as well as keeping them out in the first place. In the age of ‘all-natural solutions’ to our problems, there are a plethora of ways to get rid of these pesky pests that don’t involve any dangerous chemicals

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To Rake or Not To Rake? What’s Best for Your Lawn.

Why You Should (And Shouldn’t) Rake Your Leaves This Fall Fall is upon us. Which means so are all those leaves! Leaves can be a hassle, especially when it comes to figuring out what to do with them. For years, homeowners have been stuck with the question–to rake or not to rake? While there are pros and cons to both raking and not raking your leaves, we’re here to clear

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Pest Prevention Before, During, and After Hurricane Season

Pest Prevention For Hurricane Season It’s hurricane season folks! Here in the Carolinas, we’re no strangers to hurricanes and the damage that comes with them. Many of us prepare for a potential hurricane by stocking up on food, purchasing flashlights or generators, moving to higher ground and preparing our homes for flooding or harsh winds. However–humans aren’t the only ones affected by storms like hurricanes, and what many people overlook

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How to Prepare Yourself, Family and Home For Daylight Savings

  Happy fall! We hope you’re enjoying all the pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin carving that this season brings. In addition to those autumn leaves and trick-or-treating, fall also brings daylight savings. This year, on November 4th, the clock will “fall back

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Crawl Space Encapsulation For A Safer And Healthier Home

Keep moisture out of your home with encapsulation When water vapor and excess moisture find their way into your home, it can cause a whole slew of problems. Not only is your home structurally affected by moisture, but the health of your family is also at risk. Encapsulating areas of your home that are prone to moisture, like your crawl space, is highly recommended. Most times, it’s our home’s crawl

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