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Organic Pest Control: Techniques To Use Indoors and Out

Organic Pest Control Tips for Your Home, Lawn & Garden More often than not, homeowners think their only option to deter or eliminate pests is with store-bought pesticides packed full of harmful chemicals. While these pest treatments can be effective, they won’t last. So before you go busting out your bug bombs and sprays once again, potentially threatening the health of you, your family and pets, read this blog! We

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DIY Lawn Care: 14 Household Items You Can Use In Your Yard

14 Useful Yard Tools Made From Reusable Household Items Have you ever thought about using a fork in your garden? Or a 5-gallon bucket as a stool? If you haven’t, you should. These common reusable household items may be more useful than you think! When you love lawn care as much as we do, it’s easy to get carried away purchasing unnecessary items such as fancy leaf bins and weeders.

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Lawn Care Tips And Tricks To Level A Bumpy Lawn

Step-By-Step Guide To Leveling A Bumpy Lawn Achieving the perfect lawn is always a struggle. Some yards are invaded with pests, while others are covered with weeds. However, there’s usually some type of simple fix for those issues! After all, you can always invest in pest control and weed control to get your lawn healthy again. Some issues aren’t as easy to fix though—issues like a bumpy lawn. If your

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3 Ways to Protect Storage in Your Attic and Basement

How To Safely Store Items In Your Attic and Basement As the summer months approach, you may be thinking about freeing up some extra space around your home and moving storage into your attic or basement. After all, the space is there so why not use it? Before you go loading boxes into your attic and basement, take a second to think about what is in those boxes and how

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Pests That Might Be Harming Your Houseplants

Houseplants Looking Less Than Healthy? It May Be Due To These 7 Pests Ah, the houseplant—one of our favorite ways to bring the great outdoors inside while also detoxing our home’s air and adding color to our homes. While houseplants are beautiful, it’s sometimes a guessing game trying to figure out how to take care of them. If you have houseplants, then you know how hard it can be to

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What Your Mother’s Day Flower Bouquet Really Says

20 Flower Meanings For The Perfect Mother’s Day Bouquet Mother’s Day is almost here! While the women in our lives deserve to be celebrated every day, it’s always a good idea to pull out all the stops for Mother’s Day. If you are thinking of getting your mother a bouquet of flowers for this special day, great! You’ve come to the right place. While many people think that flowers are

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