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Pest Control in Mecklenburg County

Mecklenburg is the heart of the Charlotte area and where Killingsworth really cut their teeth on Pest Control. Mecklenburg showcases the diverse locations in and around Charlotte North Carolina. From areas as different as Uptown Charlotte to Noda, to Mint Hill and the beautiful solitude you can still find in Newell, Mecklenburg County really has it all. As Charlotte has expanded in formerly outlying community’s pest control has grown and changed as well.

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Uptown Charlotte Pest Control

With the ever-changing nature of its urban landscape, Uptown Charlotte has a high demand for pest control and pest removal. The density of Charlotte homes means that pests and easily travel from one home to another making your neighbor’s pest problem yours in no time. Whether it be residential or commercial, you can trust Killingsworth to get the job done. In addition to pest control, Killingsworth also offers lawn services, disinfection and more to the Uptown Charlotte area.Mecklenburg county pest control

Mint Hill Pest Control

Mint Hill is the first town in Mecklenburg County even beating out Charlotte, NC? Parts of Mint Hill also sit in Union County, as well.
Looking for pest control in Mint Hill, North Carolina? Look no further, Killingsworth has you covered. Our specialists are experts in everything from mold remediation to lawn care and pest control services that are specific to the Mint Hill area. Give us a call today or check out our service pages for more details.

University City, North Carolina

University City or the University area has most of its population in Charlotte, NC. However, because of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, the area has its own feel and vibe. Despite its differences from Charlotte, it still has one thing in common with Charlotte, Pests! Killingsworth can help protect your family and home from pests like termites, mosquitoes, roaches, and more!

Steele Creek

Steele Creek is one of the 15 original townships of Mecklenburg county. Most of the population has been incorporated into Charlotte and it is one of the fastest-growing areas in Mecklenburg county. With its proximity to Lake Wylie and South Carolina make it a preferred place to settle. While is a perfect location for people it is also a highly desirable one for insects. Lake Wylie means that this area can experience more than its fair share of mosquitoes and termites.

Matthews, NC

Matthews initially attracted settlers with its huge stands of trees and fertile land. As the area turned to farming and felled the trees thePest Control Mecklenburg County NC area got the moniker of Stumptown. Matthews continues to attract people but not because of the open land. Now a vibrant downtown and areas for work and play greet visitors and new movers.

In addition, Matthews houses one of the main branches of Killingsworth Environmental. Our Matthews location provides both residential and commercial pest control services, lawn care, and more. Get in touch with us today to get started with a consultation. We promise you will get nothing less than your Killingsworth.

Pineville, North Carolina

Pineville was once a sleepy town on the edge of the city is now a vibrant destination with many shopping, dining, and living choices carved out between Charlotte to the Northeast, Fort Mill, SC to the South, and Ballantyne to the Southeast.

Pineville is one of the areas in Mecklenburg that encompasses a range of living options from urban to suburban to rural. That means that you have a broad range of pest issues in Pineville that the experts at Killingsworth can help you solve.

Ballantyne North Carolina

Ballantyne has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for upscale homes, shopping, golfing, or restaurants the Ballantyne area has it all. Ballantyne is also home to the Ballantyne Corporate Park which was recognized as the International Office Park of the Year by the Building Owners and Managers Association International.

However, no matter the amenities pest control is still a necessity in Ballantyne. Protect your investment with termite control from Killingsworth Environmental.

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