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Pest Control Fort Mill SC

Looking for Pest Control in Fort Mill SC? Whether you have ants, roaches, mice, termites, or mosquitoes Killingsworth can help you and your family get back to normal. As the population increases in Fort Mill and more land is cleared, this creates more opportunities for pests to invade homes. Infestations will begin to spread between homes or businesses.

Smarter Pest Control in Fort Mill SC

Are you looking for pest control that is a little bit smarter? You need to choose Killingsworth as your pest control partner. We subscribe to the pest control philosophy of Integrated pest management or IPM. IPM means that we control pests not just with “Spraying and Praying”, but with a mix of all the different factors that contribute to a pest problem. We consider your home, microclimate, your specific pest problems, weather, time of year, and other variables that can help make the most impact in solving your problem.

IPM is what makes Killingsworth more than a exterminator we are pests professionals.

Do I need Recurring Pest Control in Fort Mill SC?

While Killingsworth is more than happy to offer one-time pest treatments for many types of pest management, the best option is recurring treatments. The fact is that once pests get a toehold in homes in the Fort Mill area, they can be tough to dislodge with one-time extermination.

Importance of Pest Control in Fort Mill SC

Different pests can mean different problems to homeowners and businesses in Fort Mill. Some pests that are perceived as only “nuisance” pests can in fact have a large impact on you and your family!

  • While many people see ants and roaches as just an eyesore, think about where they have been walking all over your floors, outside, in crawlspaces, and on each other. Then they walk on your food and countertops. That means that roaches and ants can be a major source of cross-contamination of food and food prep areas.
  • Rodents like mice and rats can also contribute to illness through cross-contamination. In addition, they can also damage the wiring in your home making a house fire more likely.
  • Speaking of gnawing, Termites eat wood that can destroy your home, but termites are not seasonal pests. They eat and forage for food constantly. Like 365 days a year. And termite damage is not covered under regular home insurance.
  • Mosquito bites are itchy and annoying, but they can also cause serious health problems for us and our pets. Mosquitoes carry many diseases that they then transmit to people and animals.
  • Bedbugs can quickly spread from one area to another in your home. In fact, you can spread them to other places you visit, like your office, family members’ homes, or even your car, if an infestation is not checked.

Ready to get a quote for pest control? Killingsworth is here to help you solve your pest problems.

Quick Pest Control Fort Mill SC?

Killingsworth was born in the Carolinas, and it is where we have focused for over 27 years. This level of experience in the area means that we can help our customers with a quick and accurate quote right over the phone! That means that you don’t have to wait on a pest technician to drive to your home and quote in person, then decide on the service and call them back out for service. This means that we can help you deal with your pest issue faster before it gets worse!

Pest Control Quote over the Phone

After you speak to one of our helpful team members over the phone and get your quote you decide what level of care you are looking for. We will schedule a pest control technician to arrive and inspect your home for pest activity and determine the best course of pest removal treatment based on your individual situation.

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