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Mosquito Issues Are Growing

Mosquito control in Charlotte is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity! It’s an issue that has grown in the last few years, making it difficult to enjoy time outside. Swimming pools, bird baths & other areas with standing water are breeding grounds for mosquitos. In addition to just making us itch, mosquitoes can spread disease! Keep your family (including pets!) safe & comfortable by staying on top of mosquito control. Killingsworth can help you defend your yard against mosquitos, disease and other problems with our yard services & pest removal. Get the most out of your yard this year.

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Top Causes for Mosquitos in Your Yard

Warm Temperatures

Standing Water

The Killingsworth
Mosquito Control Program

Eliminate and Reduce

Eliminating breeding habitats and reducing mosquito populations is the best way to prevent the spread of illness.


Our program is designed to help reduce the mosquito population by treating nesting and breeding sites around the property.

Invisible Barrier

Our expert treatment will create an invisible barrier around your property that eliminates mosquitoes that come into your property from other areas.

Licensed Professionals

Our licensed professionals have a plan to protect nontarget organisms to minimize the drift of chemicals into areas like your garden. We do recommend that you still wash any vegetables or herbs from your garden before consumption.

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Raving Reviews

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“Antonio has kept my yard virtually free of mosquitos for many years. He is friendly and helpful, always making sure to spray thoroughly any hot spots. He always lets me know when he is in the yard and seems genuinely interested in maintaining a good relationship with his customers. Highly recommend the service and Antonio.”

Sally G.