Mosquitoes: The Stuff You Don’t Know

  • Written by: Killingsworth Environmental
  • May 21, 2015

10 Facts About Mosquitoes

It’s that time of year again and mosquitoes are out in full force! We’ve compiled a list of 10 interesting facts you may not know about these hungry bloodsuckers.

1) Mosquitoes are the DEADLIEST animals in the world.

Say what? Deadliest…in the world? That’s right. Killing approximately 725,000 people per year, mosquitoes have been crowned the deadliest animal in the world. They are the main vector of Malaria, which accounts for killing more than 600,000 people per year.

2) There are more than 3,500 species of mosquito.

According to the American Mosquito Control Association, there are currently 176 species in the United States.

3) Mosquito wings beat between 300 and 600 times per second.

Males mosquitoes typically move their wings between 450 and 600 times per second and female mosquitoes can move their wings up to 1000 times per second. Males will seek mates based on the frequency and pitch of a female’s wing beats.

4) If you’ve ever been bitten by a mosquito, it was a female.

Male mosquitoes are perfectly fine feeding off plants, but females require a hearty blood meal in order to reproduce. The hemoglobin in our blood is a necessity when it comes to a female mosquito laying eggs.

5) Female mosquitoes can lay up to 300 eggs at a time.

Although females can lay up to 300 eggs at a time, they usually lay an average of about 100 eggs at a time. They can lay up to 7 batches in a two month period, but only if they are able to survive long enough to do so.

6) Mosquitoes require water to breed.

Water is a necessary element in the mosquito life cycle and without it, mosquito eggs would not be able to hatch into larvae.Larval mosquitoes spend their first 10 days in water, feeding on microorganisms and organic matter in stagnant water.

7) Mosquito is a Spanish word meaning “little fly.”

8) Mosquitoes can live up to five or six months.

Although a mosquito’s life expectancy is quite high at 5 or 6 months, the average lifespan is only a few weeks.Males typically live shorter lives that last approximately 10 days and females typically live for as long as 6 to 8 weeks.

9) A mosquito can smell the carbon dioxide we exhale from 60 to 75 feet away.

Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide and are more likely to munch on people who exhale more carbon dioxide, which is why they prefer adults over small children. Pregnant women are also at a greater risk of being bitten by a mosquito because they exhale a larger amount of carbon dioxide than normal.

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