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How do I save my Lawn from Insects?

No matter the size of your lawn, whether it is a tiny postage stamp or rolling acres your lawn is the first impression many people have of your home or business. But if you see some of your grass dying or clumping up you might have a problem with insects in your lawn. There are actually a few different types of insects that may be damaging your lawn and the methods to treat them vary.

While the appearance of dead grass or discolored spots in your lawn area a good indication of a problem other evidence of lawn pests might be blades of wilting grass, bite marks or seeing an increase of birds in your lawn. While you may see more insects on the surface of your lawn there could be insects under the lawn’s surface in the soil itself. These are sub-surface insects and may give themselves away with evidence of holes or tunnels in your lawn or/and missing/damaged roots.

What are some common lawn insects in Charlotte?

While there may be many types of lawn pests that are damaging your grass, grubs are one of the all-time leaders in most cases. You can read more about the damage that grubs do to lawns in the Charlotte area here. Grubs do their damage beneath the surface. They typically do their damage in late summer through early fall. Grub damage can easily be mistaken for drought stress or a lawn disease. The damaged areas from grubs will peel up very easily just like carpet. If the turf peels back very easily, the grubs will be in sight when actively feeding on those roots. We recommend treating on a preventative basis prior to the damage occurring. Curative treatments are also available.

Insect Lawn Management

Insect Lawn Management

Armyworms earn their name. They start their life as small one- to two-inch-long worms before completing their lifecycles as moths. After taking their adult form they lay eggs and the pupae feed on your grass leaving what was once a beautiful lawn into a desiccated wasteland. Unfortunately, they will do this to almost any plant they can get to. Damage is typically in late summer and can last up to the first frost that fall. And like their name they tend to travel together in Squads, (hence the army) and can even produce multiple generations in a single growing season. Since the adult moths do not over winter in the Carolinas, it is hard predicting their activity each year. 2021 saw record high numbers in the US.

Other Charlotte Lawn Insects

Other lawn insects may include mole crickets, chinch bugs, and sod webworms. These are not as common in the Charlotte area but are occasionally diagnosed.

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