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Life Cycle of a Pest: The Cockroach

  Homeowners in the south are no stranger to cockroaches. If you’ve seen a cockroach anywhere here, odds are it was an American Cockroach. The American cockroach is also known as a water bug or palmetto bug. American roaches are a peridomestic species, meaning they live primarily indoors. In the south, these cockroaches are found in humid, shady areas and move indoors during a change of season or when they

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The 4 Seasons of Pest Control

  No matter the season, no homeowner wants to deal with pests. Because there are different pests for each season, there are also different pest control methods for each season as well. We’ve broken down all of the culprits for the cooler seasons of the year and the warmer ones too. Let’s dive in! Fall and Winter When the weather starts to cool off the bugs go away, right? Not

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6 Ways To Prevent Winter Mold and Mildew Growth

What Are Mold and Mildew? While mold and mildew often go hand in hand, they differ from each other in ways that are important to know when taking steps to prevent them. Mold is a fungus that can appear as green, yellow, brown, gray or white and is typically fuzzy in appearance. Mold often grows under surfaces which makes it harder to identify and thus, much more detrimental in effect.

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7 Ways to Spend Black Friday Outdoors In Charlotte

  Want to get more out of Black Friday than standing in three-hour long check out lines? We can relate! The end of Thanksgiving should be more than just shopping, after all we are in the best weather of the year! Ring in the most wonderful time of the year with these fun activities in and around Charlotte. Here are seven ways you can enjoy Black Friday that have nothing

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The Life-cycle of a Pest: The Mosquito

  Bugs are cool, right? Well, we don’t particularly think so. But either way, knowing the full lifecycle of a pest can help you better understand ways to prevent them. Welcome to our series of the pest life cycle. First up, mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are known for their blood-sucking, itch-inducing ways. They’re arguably one of the most annoying and hard to get rid of pests here in the Carolinas. In order

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6 Reasons Kids Need Fresh Air (And How To Be Sure They Get It)

  With all of the technology available to kids nowadays, it’s easy for them to switch on the iPad or turn on the TV when they’re bored. This season, encourage your kids to put down the electronics and get outside for some fresh air.  Not only will this get them up and moving, but just breathing in some fresh air can do a lot for their health! We’ll talk about

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