Don't Forget These 3 Winter House Chores
  1. Don't Forget These 3 Winter House Chores

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

Don't Forget These 3 Winter House Chores

Keep Your House Clean This Winter

Turn up the heat and shut the doors! Winter is here in full force. During this time, as everyone's stuck indoors, your house is bound to get messy. Maintaining a steady winter chore schedule will allow you to keep your home in pristine shape.

Don't Forget These 3 Essential Winter Chores:

1. Clean the Floors

Regular floor cleaning helps alleviate symptoms of allergies and, in the winter time, keeps your the floors looking nice and tidy without any stains, litter or obstructions. This is especially important after a snowstorm to ensure you don't ruin your floor.

2. Clean Your Bathroom

Cold winter months mean more hot showers and moist bathrooms, making it the perfect environment for mold to grow in. In addition to your usual bathroom cleaning duties, make it a habit to pick up your wet bath mat after a shower and hang it up, as well as dry off the floor. This will ensure your bathroom is less likely to be overrun with mold. It's easier to prevent, than to treat mold.

3. Store All Foods

This one may seem less important, but not doing so comes with dire consequences. Rodents, especially mice, love to invade the home during the winter for a warm shelter. Food that is left out or out of storage is added incentive for them to infest your home. Pest proof your home in the winter so they don't get that opportunity!

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