Have a SMART Start to 2023
  1. Have a SMART Start to 2023

JANUARY 09 2023 /

Have a SMART Start to 2023

For most, coming into a new year means new opportunities and a fresh start. For us, that means helping you achieve a happy and healthy year with a pest-free home so that you can meet your goals and stay protected. That is why we built out a list of tips for a SMART start to 2023! As you wind down from the Holidays:

  • Clean off décor prior to storing it to ensure that you’re not inviting or moving in pests.
    • Wipe down all hard surfaces with soap and water.
    • Vacuum any textured surfaces like wreaths and faux trees.
    • Wash any fabrics and run them through the dryer if possible.
  • Store décor in hard plastic containers rather than bags or cardboard that can be tempting to pests.
    • Be sure to store scented items separately, with the exception of cinnamon.
      • Did you know: Cinnamon is a natural pest repellent? You can add cinnamon sticks into your containers as an extra level of protection.
    • Deep clean any areas where you may have brought plants, like Christmas trees, into your home to avoid hatching from any eggs that may have hitched a ride in.
      • Bonus tip: strategically plan disposal of any trees, live garland, etc. While tossing these on the side of the road for garbage day may seem like a logical step, this creates harborage for pests and an invitation to your home.
    • Inspect all décor for any signs of pests, like frayed wires, droppings, webs, etc. Not only is this of importance for your safety but a sure sign that you already have existing pests in your home. If you do see any signs, call us for an inspection and we can build a plan together.
    • Properly dispose of any food-based items. Orange or popcorn garlands, gingerbread houses, cookie ornaments, and other items that are created with food should be properly disposed of rather than stored for use another year.
    • Deep clean your home after the holidays
      • Check that all food is stored properly
      • Clean out cracks, crevices, and pipes in the kitchen where food and scraps could be hiding
      • Rid your space of empty boxes and used wrapping paper
      • Wash any fabrics that may have been exposed to bed bugs
    • Speaking of bed bugs, if you have been traveling this holiday season, stop them at the door.
      • Store your luggage in the garage or another safe space and bring clothing in one load at a time.
      • For extra protection, dry all items for at least 45 minutes before washing to ensure that any bed bugs are eliminated.
    • Store any firewood correctly, at least 20 feet from your home, and brush it off before bringing it inside.
    • Utilize preventative, non-toxic, digital services. Most people store their holiday décor in low traffic areas like attics, garages, and sheds where pests tend to settle in. Did you know that we offer digital pest control that is designed for spaces just like this? Click here to learn more about SMART.
    • For a personalized list of recommendations, schedule your inspection today!