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  1. Holiday Home Decorating: Halloween Edition

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

Holiday Home Decorating: Halloween Edition

Take Your Halloween Decorations to the Next Level With These 8 Ideas!

Do you and your neighbors take holiday home decor a little too seriously?  Hey! As long as it’s all in good fun, we don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little friendly competition. At Killingsworth Environmental, we consider ourselves to be your partner in all things home. Therefore, we feel it is our responsibility to help you step up your decor game this holiday season. First on the list? Halloween. 

Spooky Halloween Home Decor Ideas 

If there’s one holiday worth going “over the top” for, it’s Halloween. Think about it, the whole neighborhood stops by your house and while the kids only have treats on their minds, you know your nosy neighbors will be checking out your house from the street.  So queue the bats, skeletons, ghouls, jack-o’-lanterns and spiders – it’s time to transform that house you’ve worked hard to maintain all year into an unrecognizable haunted estate.
1. Bring the trees to life (or the dead to the trees)
Trick or treaters will certainly do a double take when they see this creepy face emerging from your tree. But seriously, how real does that look? You can find decorations like this three piece set on amazon.

Idea by 

2. Spin-up a mega spider web
Have about 100 feet of rope or clothesline laying around and a couple hours of patience? This giant yard spider web idea is totally worth the amount of work it requires. See how it’s done.  

spider web halloween decoration

3. Cobwebs everywhere
A package of faux cobwebs gives you the best bang for your buck when it comes to Halloween decorations. Cover anything (and everything) from your shrubs and trees to your front porch, windows, door, steps, railings and so on. Make it extra cringe worthy with a few hairy black spiders (the fake ones of course). Check out this awesome set up from

cobwebs halloween

4. What’s more hair raising than bats dangling overhead? 
Nothing. The truth is, bats are spooky. Hang a few creepy creatures from a tree or porch ceiling to really spook your trick or treaters on Halloween night. 

bats hanging from home halloween

5. From front yard to graveyard
Bring cemetery-like feels to your yard with a handful of eerie props. Think crooked moss covered tombstones and coffins with ancient skeletons popping out. The more detail you put into these Halloween decorations, the better. See how one homeowner went above and beyond.

6. The less creepy, more classy route 
Perhaps you’d rather decorate your home in a less creepy, more classy fashion – that’s okay too! You can’t go wrong with a few creatively painted pumpkins, a fall-like wreath, and Halloween themed welcome mat. Use this simply decorated front door as inspiration.  

halloween decorations front door

7. Buried alive
We especially like this idea because it uses a tool just about every homeowner has on hand this time of year – a wheelbarrow full of yard debris like leaves and grass clippings. Stick a few mix-matched skeleton bones in it and viola, a spine chilling yard decoration.

buying skeleton front yard

8. Fake blood makes for a goury & grim scene
Fake blood can create the illusion that a gruesome crime has taken place in your yard. Horrify guests with bloody hand or footprints, messages, or body parts. You get the idea.

fake blood halloween

There are tons of great ideas out there when it comes to Halloween decorations. If you’re willing to put in the time, you can really transform your yard into something straight from the movies. 

If The Creepy Crawlies Stick Around After The Holiday Decorations Come Down - Call Your Pest Control Team

While we can’t take care of the ghosts that may linger around your home after Halloween (you’ll have to call the Ghostbusters for that one), we can take care of the less than pleasant pests and wildlife that get indoors around this time of year.  As the weather gets cooler, it’s common for pests and wildlife to meander indoors. If you have reason to believe a pest or wild animal has gotten into your home, reach out. Protecting your home and family from pests is something we take seriously. Don't be scared to schedule a service with us – we will know exactly how to help! SCHEDULE YOUR SERVICE