How to Win Yard of the Month: November Edition
  1. How to Win Yard of the Month: November Edition

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

How to Win Yard of the Month: November Edition

Have The Best Yard On The Block This November

Welcome back to our 'How to Win Yard of the Month' series! Can you believe it's already November? Let's talk about how to spice up that curb appeal for the upcoming holiday season. Thanksgiving brings many visitors, which means your yard needs to be up-to-par!

Take a look at some of our best recommendations that will assure your yard is worthy of an award:

Outdoor Pillows

If you have front porch furniture, then we recommend adding some decorative seasonal pillows to give your guests a warm and cozy feel before they enter the house. There are endless Thanksgiving styles, so pick up some of your favorite festive outdoor pillows from your local HomeGoods store!

Festive Flags

Flags are a fun way to show your support for things you are passionate about! Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving are big events in November, so stick a festive American or Turkey Day flag in your front yard or by the mailbox!

Lantern Candles

There's no better way to get into the holiday spirit than by lighting seasonal candles! Line your porch stoop with decorated lantern candles to set the Thanksgiving tone for your turkey guests.

Large Wooden Signs

Show how thankful you are in a big and bold way! Large wooden signs have been a popular decorative accent this season. Browse around on Etsy to find a tall sign with your favorite Thanksgiving saying.

Yard Maintenance

Keep in mind that during November, the only lawn maintenance you need to do is make sure to keep fall leaves off the lawn and fertilize. Overseeding and aerating isn’t necessary after October! Luckily, we are great at everything lawn-related here. Schedule a service with us today!