10 Tools Every Homeowner Should Have In Their Toolbox
  1. 10 Tools Every Homeowner Should Have In Their Toolbox

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

10 Tools Every Homeowner Should Have In Their Toolbox

Fill your toolbox with these essential tools

Owning your own house is really exciting! Until something breaks and you’re the one responsible for fixing it. You’re your own landlord now, which means when it comes to things like leaky faucets, creaky steps, dead light bulbs, and broken locks you are the one responsible for making the fix. So, whether you’re starting a home improvement project (perhaps a home improvement project that will make your home a safer place) or collecting some just in case tools for emergencies, these are the top 10 tools we feel every homeowner should have in his or her toolbox.

1. A hammer

A tool that’s been around since cavemen ruled the world, hammers are one of the more versatile tools you can have in your toolbox. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each tailored for different uses. Unless you are in need of a specific hammer, it’s a good idea to get one heavyweight hammer, such as a basic claw hammer, and one lightweight hammer, such as a pin hammer, for your toolbox. When selecting a hammer, make sure it feels like it will be effective for the project and safe to use.


2. A drill and drill bits


Like a hammer, a battery-powered drill can be used for a variety of tasks–all you need is a good selection of drill bits. Drills are great tools to have when a job requires a lot of pilot holes or a lot of screws. But your drill will be useless unless you have a pack of drill bits fitted for the job. Buy a pack with a good selection of Phillips-head, slotted and square-drive bits in a variety of sizes.


3. An adjustable crescent wrench


Instead of getting a full set of wrenches, get one or two adjustable crescent wrenches for all of your wrenching needs. These wrenches can be adjusted to fit nuts and bolts of different sizes so you’ll be covered for any job. When selecting your adjustable crescent wrench, choose a longer handle when you need extra leverage and a shorter handle when the space you are working in is tight.


4. A tape measure


Many home improvement or maintenance jobs require measuring of some sort. Having a tape measure handy will ensure you’ll have just the right measurements required for the job. The best kind is retractable and lockable. Not all tape measures extend the same length, so make sure yours is large enough for any job that might require it.


5. A screwdriver set


Even if you have a battery-powered drill, it’s still a good idea to get a manual screwdriver set. These will come in handy for simple jobs, such as installing light switches or tightening doorknobs. Get a set with enough variety to fit many different tasks.


6. A utility knife


Utility knives are great tools for opening and breaking down boxes, shaving wood, making precise cuts, and much more. Make sure to replace the blade when it gets dull for safer and cleaner cuts.


7. A pair of pliers


A set of pliers with a variety of types and sizes can benefit many home improvement or maintenance tasks, such as straightening bent wires, slicing wires, or replacing old shower heads. Some good pliers to get include channel-lock pliers, small needle-nose pliers and electricians pliers.


8. A putty knife


These relatively cheap tools are useful for more reasons than just applying spackle. They can be used for reglazing windows, scraping off paint or wallpaper, and much more.


9. An extension cord


Extension cords are great to have when the cords of your appliances aren’t long enough to reach an outlet. There are many different types of extension cords to choose from, varying in cord length and use. Make sure you are using your extension cords properly and discarding damaged cords as they can turn into safety hazards.


10. A plunger


This one is for obvious reasons. You never know when a plumbing issue will need to be unclogged... You never know what issues might come up as a homeowner. For the simple fixes, keep these tools handy. For not so simple fixes keep Killingsworth in mind! Don't hesitate to schedule a free consultation with one of our Killingsworth experts.