3 Must-Have Patio Decorations for the Holidays
  1. 3 Must-Have Patio Decorations for the Holidays

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

3 Must-Have Patio Decorations for the Holidays

Use These To Decorate For The Holidays!

There is always so much to do around the holidays. Between gift giving, baking, and arranging plans with extended family - things can get hectic. Take something off your list early and start decorating your house! Here are a few must-haves for festive patio decorations during the holidays:


Lighting is the perfect way to give your patio a warm touch. You can choose LED or incandescent lights, but we recommend not mixing the two kinds as they are extremely contrasting.

There are a variety of LED colors like warm white light, which can bring you that classic, traditional feel of Christmas, or crisp whites for a clean snowy look.

If you have children, you might want to make your home more festive and fun with color combinations, like red and green.

As far as where to place lighting - we recommend the boundaries of the house, plants, and trees around the yard.

You can even string them into lighting balls for a fun DIY!

It's hard to go wrong with lighting. There are so many options, so find what shows off your style the best and have fun with it!


A good base to anchor those lights is garland! You can get real pine or fake, green or gold, indoor or outdoor. You can truly customize your yard with this natural jewelry.

If you get real pine garland, it will have your entire home smelling like the holidays. The downside to the real pine is that, just like a Christmas tree, it sheds pine needles much more frequently than its fake counterparts.

The plastic garland doesn't shed and is reusable and durable! It just doesn't have the scent (or authenticity) of the real pine.

Whichever you choose, lace it around any banisters in your home or around a reef for your doorway. You can string lights around it, sprinkle ornaments on it, or just leave it as is for the perfect holiday decoration.

Create focal points:

You've set the basics, determined your style, and now comes the fun part. Focal points are little extras that will add character to your outdoor space: snowflakes, Santas, reindeer are all good festive options.

Lately, chalkboards have been all over DIY websites like Pinterest. These are great in any season. We love the idea of writing festive notes on your board and keeping it on your patio to greet your guests. Sayings like 'Season's Greetings' or 'Be Merry and Bright' are great options but have fun with it!

The holiday season creates memories your family will never forget. Decorating is half the fun, so brew up some hot cocoa and get the kids involved. Send us pictures or comment below with your great holiday ideas! We would love to hear about it!

And should any home maintenance be required this holiday season, you know who to schedule a service with.