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  1. 6 Reasons You Need Professional Lawn Care Services

MAY 01 2022 /

6 Reasons You Need Professional Lawn Care Services

The Benefits of Professional Lawn Care Homeowners Shouldn’t Miss Out On

An unsightly yard filled with noxious weeds, overgrown landscaping, and dead grass is anything but inviting. You deserve a beautiful outdoor space to relax and play in, which is where professional lawn care comes in.  Our yards are important because they’re like a private oasis. As life’s daily stresses take their toll, a place where you can step outside and enjoy some fresh air is necessary — and likely one of the main reasons why you bought your home in the first place. Whether you have one fourth of an acre or own several, your outdoor space should be pleasing to the eye, enjoyable to spend time in, and above all, at least usable. However, a lot of work goes into keeping your yard looking nice. Fortunately, lawn care experts can do all the hard work for you, leaving you with a beautiful lawn to frolic and play in. You, your children, and your pets will love having access to your own outdoor oasis. It’s just a matter of allowing yourself to take the plunge and let someone else take care of the yard work for you.  If you’ve been trying to decide if professional lawn care is worth investing in, here’s a peek at the many benefits that come from using our lawn care services. 

1. Gardening is No Longer a Chore

Spending your weekends pulling weeds and applying fertilizer will be a thing of the past once you decide to hire professional lawn care experts to take over. We take care of everything when it comes to your lawn, from fertilizer and weed treatments, to lime and soil enhancement. Some plans even include insect control!  The only yard work you will have to worry about is tending to your fruit and vegetable garden and mowing. Imagine the freedom you can now enjoy! No more mundane yard chores consuming your entire Saturday. With all of this new found time on your hands, start a garden full of native plants, if you haven’t done so already. Wild hydrangea or Carolina lupine are native beauties that are a favorite flower of bees and butterflies. Or, if you prefer not to spend any time gardening at all, that’s fine, too! Why not invite over some loved ones for a backyard barbecue, or simply spend some quiet time alone. The options for having fun and partaking in outdoor hobbies are endless once you get on board with professional lawn care services! Don’t be surprised if your outdoor space quickly becomes your favorite part of the house.

2. Long-Term Money Savings 

Lawn care services may seem costly, especially if you prefer to do most things yourself. And we don’t blame you, we’re also a fan of the occasional DIY! But unless you have a green thumb, you’re likely wasting time, money, and resources trying to keep your yard looking good. Sod that constantly needs to be replaced due to lack of care can add up in cost. With professional lawn care looking after your grass, you no longer have to pay the cost for replacing your grass or reseeding each season. Related: Interested in learning about what pests inhabit the Carolinas? Meet the most common pests in our area, including pests that are attracted to moisture and the creepy crawlies you had no clue were actually beneficial to your yard!

3. Quality Care Your Yard Longs For

Maintaining your yard is not as simple as watering it every once a while and letting nature take its course. That only ever ends in weeds and an unsightly yard that your neighbors and HOA will have an issue with. A well-maintained yard needs regular maintenance to look its best, and that doesn’t happen by accident! Someone’s gotta do it. And whether that’s you, or a professional, is completely up to you to decide.  To avoid killing off your landscaping, you need to know exactly what your lawn needs. You should be aware of your soil’s pH levels and type, and keep in mind that the soil in your front yard can have different nutrient levels than what’s in your backyard.  All of this goes for your grass too, as each grass type has specific needs. Sod is not only expensive, but pests, disease, and water problems can cause your grass to die and will require frequent replacing if you don’t know how to manage and prevent these issues.  We know this is a lot to take in! To be honest, these are just a few scenarios of what can go wrong when it comes to handling your own yard care. Professional lawn care is done by experts who can provide you with comprehensive yard care from start to finish. So we say, let the experts handle it for you and make your life easy, all the while providing your yard the quality care it needs to look its best. 

4. Year-Round Outdoor Beauty

As a result of the mild climate here in the Carolinas, homeowners don’t have the luxury of letting several feet of snow pile up in the yard until spring. For the most part, the areas we service don’t receive tons of snow. Which is why Charlotte area yards have to be maintained all year long, no excuses!  In fact, there are seasonal weeds that must be dealt with differently based on the time of year. Unfortunately, weeds don’t only grow in the warm seasons. Species such as poa annua can rear their ugly heads as early as fall. Your lawn may also need to be re-seeded with a new species of grass during the colder months when less sunlight is available. A warm-season grass seed should also be applied in spring. Learn More: Curious about what services we perform month by month? See a full break-down of how we handle professional lawn care in our guide, The Four Seasons of Lawn Care. You will see exactly what goes into maintaining a beautiful yard!

5. Greater Curb Appeal

Staying on top of your home’s curb appeal is always a smart investment. Good curb appeal has many benefits that apply to every homeowner including: 


  • It can boost not only your home’s value, but your entire neighborhood’s as well. On average, homes with good curb appeal tend to sell for 7% more than similar homes with poor landscaping. In the end, professional lawn care provides a great return on investment you shouldn’t miss out on. 



  • Deters criminals from intruding. Home’s with maintained exteriors are less likely to be broken into as good curb appeal gives the impression that the home is regularly occupied and that the homeowner is more likely to protect their property against threats. 



  • Helps with selling your home faster. Your curb appeal provides potential buyers with their very first impression of your home. The better they like the outside, the more likely they are to want to see the inside. Hiring professional landscaping services a few months before you plan on selling your home can ensure your yard and lawn is in prime form by the time buyers start showing up for tours.



  • May prevent costly damages to your home. Not only will your home’s curb appeal skyrocket with the help of pro lawn care, you also don’t have to worry about overgrown landscaping taking over. Plants that are left to grow along structures can result in rot and mold. Potentially ruining your home and resulting in expensive repairs — ones even more expensive than hiring professionals from the get go. 


The Added Benefits of Working With Killingsworth

Here at Killingsworth we provide more than just expert lawn care. We also provide professional pest control and wildlife removal services for comprehensive yard care you can count on. If you’re dealing with insects or animals that are a nuisance or health risk, we have specialized teams that can take care of them for you. All you have to do is reach out to us to schedule your service Click the button below to fill out our contact form so we can get in touch with you about starting professional lawn care services. 


This blog post was originally written in 2017 and refreshed in 2021.