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  1. 6 Well-Kept Secrets to Cleaning Your Bathroom

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

6 Well-Kept Secrets to Cleaning Your Bathroom

Take Your Bathroom Cleaning To The Next Level With These 6 Tips

If you’re like us, cleaning the bathroom is your least favorite thing to do. Between scrubbing the tub, wiping streaks off the mirror and getting in every nook and cranny of the toilet, cleaning the bathroom is exhausting, not to mention kind of gross.  While having an exceptionally clean home is great, it can be ruined if your bathroom isn’t as spotless as the rest of your home. After all, nothing ruins a guest’s visit to your home quite like a dirty bathroom!  To make sure you (and your guests) get to enjoy a sparkling clean bathroom all year long, here are six bathroom cleaning secrets you need to try! 

6 Bathroom Cleaning Tips

1) Heat Things Up

Heating up the tub and bathroom a couple degrees above normal room temperature will allow for a more effective clean. Similar to how you warm your face before washing it, warming your bathroom before cleaning the area allows for a deeper clean.

2) Get Tiles Clean with a Neutral ‘pH’ cleaner

For a professional clean, opt for cleaners with ‘natural pH’ on the label to ensure your tiles aren’t damaged in the cleaning process. Scrubbing the grout completely off the tiles will drastically change their appearance and make them shine!

3) Bleach + Water = An Epic Mixture

Bleach, water and a bit of detergent is all you need for a guaranteed mold-killing mixture, safe for use on all surface areas of your bathroom.

4) Vacuum and Dust

You read that right! Vacuuming and dusting will ensure that no hair or pet dander is left on the floor. You’ll be surprised by how far a little vacuuming can go!

5) Let Your Disinfectant Sit

Disinfectants need time to work. If you apply them then immediately wash them off, you are cutting their effectiveness in half. Allow for your cleansers to sit five to ten minutes before wiping them off.

6) Clean with Essential Oils

If you’ve been keeping up with our blogs, then you already know how essential oils work to fight pests and mold. Now use those same oils to clean your bathroom! Oils like lemon, lime, orange, lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, lemongrass and grapefruit are ideal for keeping your bathroom clean. Just add two drops of oil on a wet cloth and scrub! The oils will fight against bacteria and leave your bathroom smelling better than it ever has. For more ways to clean your bathroom using essential oils, click here.

Why Keeping Your Bathroom Clean Is Important

Now that you know six of the best ways to keep your bathroom spic-and-span, let’s talk about the importance of a clean bathroom.


First and foremost, let’s discuss hygiene. Bathrooms are a hub for bacteria, and not doing your part to keep them clean allows germs to spread all over your home. Dedicate time to cleaning your bathroom once a week to eliminate bacteria and restore hygiene to your home.    A Note from Killingsworth: When flushing the toilet, make sure to put the seat down. Otherwise, particles from inside the toilet infiltrate the air, landing on door knobs, toothbrushes, hand towels and more. 


When bathrooms aren’t regularly cleaned, moisture levels are allowed to build up. As this happens, you’ll likely start noticing a musty mildew smell in your towels, clothes hamper and potentially even your shower curtain. A deep clean of your bathroom will help to eliminate this excess of moisture, bacteria and its smell.  Related: How To Remove Musty Mold and Mildew Smells Around Your Home


Since there is so much moisture present in your bathroom, regular cleaning will help you identify areas that may be affected by too much moisture. For example, if the paint on your walls is bubbling or peeling, it could be a sign that ventilation and moisture are cause for concern in your bathroom. If moisture is left to build up, it could turn into more serious issues and expensive repairs.  Check the corners of the bathroom, the lining of the tub, tiles and underneath the sink for moisture damage. Also keep an eye out for signs of mold — we would hate for your bathroom to be hiding a mold damage nightmare While it may make your list of unfavorite tasks, keeping your bathroom clean is an important part of being a homeowner. After all, you, your family and your guests use your bathroom everyday — so it ought to be clean! Take the time to clean your bathroom regularly, and use the bathroom cleaning secrets on this list to get the job done.  Regular cleaning will ensure that bacteria isn’t being spread around your home and that moisture isn’t building up in your bathroom, potentially causing serious mold damage

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