9 Steps to Creating a Garden Bed in Your Lawn
  1. 9 Steps to Creating a Garden Bed in Your Lawn

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

9 Steps to Creating a Garden Bed in Your Lawn

How To Plant A Garden Bed

When was the last time you exercised your green thumb? A great way to get outside in the summer is to plant your very own garden bed! Sounds intimidating? Don't worry. We are breaking it down into easy steps that will walk you through this exciting DIY.

1. Plan it

Start by asking yourself a couple general questions: Do you want it out of ground or in-ground? How many different vegetables or flowers do you want to plant? Where would you plant it? We recommend placing the garden in a spot where it will get at least 5 hours of direct sunlight, and if you live in a windy area, perhaps near a fence or side of the house that will block the strong breeze.

2. Mark it

Consider doing curved lines to add interest or following your house's angles to add cohesion. For curves, try using a hose to mark lines and then outline the area with sand. You could also use little rods to mark width and length then connect with string to ensure straight lines, then follow with the sand to map out the area.

3. Dig it

If there are plants or grass in the area, it's time to uproot it with a spade or sod cutter. Likewise, remove any rocks, roots, or other debris to create a blank slate for your garden.

4. Feed it

You should till the soil in your new garden and get a sense of what kind of soil you are using. If needed, add compost or manure to give nutrients to your soil.

5. Edge it

This step isn't always necessary, but it will help prevent diseases and bugs your grass might be battling from getting into your garden. We recommend digging a small trench (about 8 inches deep and a couple of inches wide) to separate your garden from the lawn. Depending on your woodwork, you could use 2 x 4's to have a physical barrier from the yard.

6. Plant it

Sometimes it's worth the extra effort to plan spacing and colors before putting the seeds in, just to make sure the plants you grow look good together. The plants you pick will decide how much space they will need around them. Now's the fun part – have fun and plant your goodies in the ground.

7. Mulch it

A 1-inch-deep layer of shredded wood or other material will do wonders for stopping weeds and helping your soil conserve moisture during times of drought.

8. Water it

Make sure you water it well enough to get the mulch AND the plants watered, as many times the mulch will absorb the water first. Continue to keep your eye on your garden to make sure it is taken care of in the heat. A good rule of thumb is about an inch of water every week.

9. Final step

Enjoy it! Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Your guests will be impressed with your new garden and all of the great organic recipes you can make from your backyard.

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