Benefits of a Spring Lime Application
  1. Benefits of a Spring Lime Application

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

Benefits of a Spring Lime Application

A Spring Lime Application Can Help By...

There's something so refreshing about this time of year, when spring is in full-force. The weather is beautiful, the early-blooms are starting to pop-up. It's the perfect time of year to focus on lawn care.

Getting your lawn spruced up for the spring will put you on track for a successful growth year. One of the most beneficial treatments you can apply to your lawn is a lime application. Here's how it can help:

Helps balance soil pH

In rainy areas, such as North Carolina, acidic soil is quite common. When soil is acidic, it is very hard to grow healthy grass. Neutralizing the soil's pH through lime treatment ensures it will be able to grow healthily.

Allows essential nutrients to feed grass

When your lawn is acidic, the three essential nutrients required for healthy growth (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) are unable to replenish your lawn and help it grow. A lime application balances out the acidity, allowing these nutrients to flourish and feed your lawn.

Manages moss and weed problems

Moss and weeds thrive in acidic conditions. Applying lime helps combat acidity and gives your grass a better chance at combating these invasive plants that were ranked as one of the three biggest issues of Charlotte lawns!

Fortifies lawn with calcium

Calcium helps maintain your lawn's strength and color, protecting it from heat and drought. Calcitic lime is highly beneficial to your lawn.

Improves performance of fertilizer

Liming nourishes the good bacteria found in your soil. This allows your fertilizer to perform better, as optimizing your soil allows for essential plant nutrients to become available and absorb more easily into your lawn. This will also increase the effectiveness of your irrigation efforts as your lawn will be in a healthy condition to absorb nutrients.

All things considered, a lime application can do wonders for your grass this spring. Interested in lawn care service? Schedule a appointment with us today!