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  1. Fall Gardening Chores to Finish Before the First Freeze

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

Fall Gardening Chores to Finish Before the First Freeze

Make Sure To Finish These Fall Gardening Chores

Howdy folks! The first freeze will be upon us before we know it. The Charlotte area is due to experience its first frost this fall around mid-November, which means we have some work to do!

We've put together a fall gardening chore list for those of you who like to be prepared. Complete these tasks this weekend and you'll be good to go!

Hang your garden hose up over a railing to allow all the water to leak out, then roll it up and store it away until spring. Drain the fuel tank from your lawn mower. Gas that is left to sit for long periods of time will consolidate and produce a film on the inside of the tank. Condensation also tends to build up, which will make it difficult to start the mower. Clean and sharpen your tools before storing them for winter. Use vegetable oil to clean your tools to help prevent rusting. Remove the remainder of fall leaves by raking them and turning them into compost or run the lawn mower over them to turn them into mulch. Empty all outdoor containers and store them upside down. This helps prevent them from cracking in freezing temperatures. Weed the garden one last time to avoid weeds multiplying and destroying your garden the next year. Make a note of where you planted everything in your garden. You'll thank yourself next year when you begin planning what to plant! Save the seeds from any flowers or vegetables for the next growing season. Store them in a dark, cool space until they are ready for planting. We hope these chores help prepare your garden for the first freeze this year!

Don't forget to maintain the rest of your lawn, too. Killingsworth's lawn care professionals provide top-notch lawn care that will properly compliment your beautiful garden. Schedule a lawn service with us today!