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  1. New Year, Same Killingsworth

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

New Year, Same Killingsworth

Our New Year's Resolution

Many people have resolutions for the new year. At Killingsworth Environmental, we want to continue to ensure you're getting the quality service we have always promised, getting your Killingsworth.

What does this mean? When we promise you're getting your Killingsworth, we promise to uphold our commitment in taking steps in technology, keeping you safe, and maintaining our excellent customer service:

Embrace New Technology

From start to finish, we utilize cutting-edge technology. From using the latest available technology and products for servicing your home or business, to utilizing GPS in all of our service vehicles, we embrace any new technology to improve our efficiency as a team.

All of our managers, outside customer care representatives, and specialists are equipped with the latest technology via iPads, which provides our customers with instant electronic access to any documents they may need. IPad holders also have the ability to open the customer's account, perform all of their paperwork, and even take a payment from the customer, all from their device.

Additionally, when you schedule a service with Killingsworth Environmental, you can rest assured we will be on time, every time. By installing a GPS in all of our vehicles, we can accurately tell you when your Killingsworth Environmental representative will arrive.

Focused on Keeping You Safe

As a leading Charlotte pest control, lawn care, mold remediation, and indoor home restoration business, our staff is committed to being trained and knowledgeable on the science of pest control and home health. We pride ourselves in our employees' knowledge and care when handling these sensitive issues.

After doing pest control for over 20 years, our trained wildlife experts can now also assist you with your animal removal needs as we have been expanding our services to larger animals. We understand how dangerous animals can be and the level of damage they can do, and want to ensure your family and property is safe.

Excellent Customer Service

Our commitment at Killingsworth is to always look out for what is best for our customers. We know that handling a home isn't always easy; it's a lot of time, planning, and hard work.

This is why we ensure world-class customer service, and believe ours is second to none. This starts when we meet you, with our inside appointment setters who are courteous and helpful to your needs.

Our team is continuously counseled and trained to provide excellent customer service. Have a recent experience with us? Let us know how it went!

We hope you have a great start to your new years. Cheers to 2017! Schedule a service with us whenever you need lawn and home experts to assist. We look forward to helping you this year!