Something to Chew On: Termite Control Tips
  1. Something to Chew On: Termite Control Tips

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

Something to Chew On: Termite Control Tips

Prevent A Termite Invasion With These Tips

Termites are commonly thought of as a summer issue; but in reality, they are active all year round. This winter, consider protecting your home against the threat of termite invasion using these tried-and-true termite tips:

1. Consider Buying Treated Wood

Upgrading your deck? Renovating your garden in preparation for the spring? Consider buying treated wood for your project. Termites rarely eat wood that has been treated, so treated wood is perfect for deterring the little pests.

2. Always Use Plastic for Storage

Cardboard is a huge draw for termites. If you store anything with cardboard around your house, replace it with plastic to deter termites. If you must store with cardboard, ensure it's in a compact place and not just piled up

3. Be Wary of Moisture

Furnaces have a nasty habit of leaking water during the winter. Without proper ventilation, condensation can build up and seep into your wood. This makes an optimal environment for termites to thrive.

Make sure your HVAC unit is running properly this winter by following the recommended maintenance tasks for optimal activity. If you haven't had an inspection within the past 6 months, it is highly recommended!

Have more termite questions? We compiled a list of the common termite questions answered for you. If you're in need of further help, please don't hesitate to schedule a pest control service with us. Leave these pests to the experts!