The 4 Seasons of Pest Control
  1. The 4 Seasons of Pest Control

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

The 4 Seasons of Pest Control

Pest Control For Every Season

No matter the season, no homeowner wants to deal with pests. Because there are different pests for each season, there are also different pest control methods for each season as well. We’ve broken down all of the culprits for the cooler seasons of the year and the warmer ones too. Let’s dive in!

Fall and Winter

When the weather starts to cool off the bugs go away, right? Not so much.

Though it may seem like pests secretly disappear during the cooler parts of the year, they’re actually just hiding out. In some places of the world, cold temperatures are enough to kill off pests during the fall and winter months.

Because Carolina winters are usually pretty moderate, the weather is usually mild enough for pests to withstand.

Pests like mice, cockroaches, spiders and raccoons need somewhere to seek refuge during the cooler months of the year and unfortunately, that somewhere is our homes. But have no fear–we’ve got some tips to help you prevent and get rid of unwanted pests during the chillier seasons of the year!


Mice can fit through holes that are about the size of a nickel. To keep mice from getting into your home this winter, inspect the outside of your home for any possible entryways. If you do find a hole or crack that you think might be big enough to allow a mouse or two in, be sure to seal it up with caulk or quick-plug.

To keep mice from getting near your home in the first place, be sure to store your belongings in sealed boxes away from the floor. There’s nothing more appealing to a mouse than clutter!


Everyone’s least favorite pest–the cockroach. Cockroaches will stop at nothing to find a place that provides them food and moisture, making places like your kitchen and bathrooms the perfect spot for them to hide. Pay close attention to your sinks and appliances, as cockroaches are often found in these spots.

To keep cockroaches away from your home, be sure to keep both the inside and outside of your home clean and free of clutter. Things like paper bags, newspapers and garbage are all ideal homes for cockroaches.


When the weather is cool, spiders will find their way to your home. Keep the shrubs and trees around your home trimmed and keep tree limbs from hanging over your roof. The closer the tree, the easier it is for spiders to reach your home.

Spiders like to hide in things like shoes and clothing, so be sure to keep these articles in stored plastic containers.


Commonly found in eastern parts of the country, raccoons are another pests that we see during the cooler months in the Carolinas. Raccoons are notorious for scrummaging through garbage cans. To deter raccoons from wreaking havoc around your home, consider purchasing bin straps to place on the top of your lids.

Though larger than other pests, raccoons can still fit through surprisingly small spaces to get into your home. Remember to check for the common pest entry points around your home to make sure there aren’t any openings or gaps that shouldn’t be there.

Spring and Summer

Let’s start with spring. You know that saying, “April showers bring May flowers”. Spring certainly brings rain and with that–pests. If there’s one thing pests love, it’s moisture. During the fall and winter, pests were hiding out in your homes to shelter themselves from the cold. But in the spring, the temperatures start to heat up and the plants begin flourishing.

The abundance of food is also a reason for pests to come out and play during spring. Growing gardens and grass are the perfect habitat for pests. If you notice your garden is depleting rather than growing, there’s a good chance that pests are snacking away on your plants!

As for summer, pests thrive off of the heat. The rise in temperature makes it easier for pests to survive outdoors. Most pests, like mosquitoes, are cold-blooded and impacted by cold conditions. Pests need the calm, warm conditions of summer to complete their life cycles. Also, the longevity of summer days means more sunlight for pests to feed off whatever they can. Summer is a time when pests run rampant, so pest control during this season should be top priority! Below are a few of the most common spring and summer pests.

Fire ants

Though these pests are small, their bites sure do hurt! Fire ants are those teeny tiny red ants you see swarming around places near pools, parks and lawns. Unlike most other ants, fire ants are omnivores. This means they’ll eat just about anything they can get–plants, spiders, and even dead animals.

Fire ants typically nest in the ground, forming large mounds to colonize in. In other words, if you’ve found one fire ant, you’ve found thousands. Keep these guys away from your home and family by cleaning up any spilled food or drink outdoors and rinse out cans before placing them in the recycling bin. Any food source found in or around your home will be found by these guys, so be sure to seal any cracks around your doors and windows as well.


Mosquitoes thrive in the heat and humidity of our Carolina summers. From egg to adult, a mosquito needs heat and water to survive their environment. To prevent mosquitoes early on in their lifecycle, start eliminating any standing water around your home. This means bird baths, toy boxes, overturned lids, etc. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water and this is where they blossom into full-grown, flying adults.

In addition, make sure to always wear bug spray, especially at night. ouble check your screens and doors too. Even the tiniest hole can allow these pests to enter your home.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs love spring and summertime. The humidity of spring and the heat of summer makes these seasons the perfect breeding ground for bed bugs. Also, Americans tend to travel more in the summer, which is actually how bed bugs get into our homes in the first place. Hotels, as gross as it sounds, are notorious for having bed bugs due to all of the dirt and germs that their beds encounter overtime.

Bed bug eggs are microscopic and opaque, making them extremely hard to see. Most people don’t even know they have bed bugs until it’s too late. These pests can cling onto clothing and make their way from that hotel room bed to your bed. So be sure to take a good look at your hotel bed when you travel and, as an added precaution, try to keep your belongings off of the hotel floor.


Termites are one of the most common springtime pests and also one of the biggest threats to our homes. They travel in “swarms” or colonies that are linked to the blooming of certain trees, which is why they’re most common during the spring. Termites thrive off of wood, so make sure to keep any wood from contacting the ground–like wood siding, door frames, window frames, etc.

Like so many other pests, termites also love moisture. Faucets, pipes, gutters and air conditioning units should be checked regularly for additional moisture, as termites can easily find their way to these often wet areas. Termites can do some serious damage to your home, which is no cheap investment. If you think you might have termites, or just want an expert opinion on how to prevent them, get in touch with one of our termite professionals today!

There you have, the four seasons of pest control. Whether it’s the cool months of fall and winter or the warm and humid months of spring and summer, pest control is a must all year around.

With any pest, it can be difficult to detect a problem before it gets out of control. That’s why at Killingsworth we believe that solving the problem before it begins is the best way to handle pest control. Schedule a service with our team today!