The Ultimate Guide to a Termite-Free Home This Spring
  1. The Ultimate Guide to a Termite-Free Home This Spring

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

The Ultimate Guide to a Termite-Free Home This Spring

How To Keep The Termites Out This Spring

The coming of spring means clear weather, backyard barbecues, and the return of pests in search of a home! Termites are no stranger to households, in fact, in North Carolina, termite infestations are quite common, especially in the spring.

Luckily, we've developed an ultimate guide to keeping your home termite-free for the spring by secure the following areas:


Many people don't consider their attic to be a prime target for termites. This is far from the truth, as damage can go unnoticed for years. Check exposed wooden beams for sponginess, as well as clean up any clutter (especially wooden boxes as this is a enticing snack for them). Improving your attic not only keeps termites away, but also improves the overall health of your home

Crawl Space

Termites live several feet under the service of the ground and thrive in cool, damp areas. Keeping your crawl space ventilated and dry ensures it is not a breeding ground for termites to hide in. Need a crawl space cleanup for the spring? We've got you covered.


Termites are attracted to water leaks, which are commonly found in the kitchen. Regular maintenance will ensure leaks are found and taken care of before an infestation occurs. Take advantage of our great deal on water heater safety checks, to make sure your system doesn't have any weak spots

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