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For over 20 years, Killingsworth has been providing effective and efficient professional pest control services to the Charlotte area. We understand that not every part of the Carolinas require the same pest control method, which is why we take the time to learn the specific needs of each region. Construction methods and the general climate make Charlotte metro area highly susceptible to pest invasions. If you’re ready to eliminate that pest problem in your home or business, contact Killingsworth today!

Local Experts

Local knowledge is extremely important when it comes to the proper pest control service. In North Carolina, we experience many different common springtime and summertime pest problems. Due to the warm weather all year round, the fall and winter time-frames can also create a need for pest control services and a treatment plan.

Common Pests Found in Charlotte

At Killingsworth, we know that not every area of North Carolina experiences the same pest problems. Knowing which pests are most common in certain regions helps us provide the most effective pest management for your home. These are the most common pests found in the Charlotte area:

Ants                   Bed bugs

Roaches             Mosquitoes

Ticks                  Spiders

Rodents             Termites

The Killingsworth Way

Unlike other Charlotte exterminators, we believe in an integrated pest management approach that’s both effective and environmentally friendly. Not only can you trust us to rid your home of pests, you can trust us to protect your home and family in the process. Our pest control experts are up to date on the latest and safest methods of pest removal.



Our Three-Step Approach

We have 20+ years of experience in the industry which has allowed us to become experts in all things pests. When it comes to identifying your pest, we know em’ all because we’ve seen em’ all!  Not only do we have thorough knowledge of pests, we have an extensive knowledge of local pests (because not all pests are the same).

If there’s one thing our decades in the biz has taught us it’s that not all pest treatments are effective. Some problems require a more drastic approach while some require a different treatment all together!

We apply a barrier that provides exceptional and reliable insect control including the entire home, the garage, and the crawl space. We also perform a quarter acre yard spray on the initial visit and offer re-treatments throughout the year, at no additional charge for your home or business.

After your problem is treated and it looks like the pests has officially moved out, preventing a future pest nightmare should be your pest control service’s next order of business. Once the proper preventative measures are taken, you shouldn’t have to ever worry about pests in your home again.

So You Think You Have Pests?

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