5 Lawn Games to Play This Summer
  1. 5 Lawn Games to Play This Summer

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

5 Lawn Games to Play This Summer

Break Out These Lawn Games This Summer

If you’re like us, your summer weekends are likely spent in the backyard with family and friends, grilling up some burgers and dogs, and playing classic lawn games.

Here are some of our favorite summer lawn games we love to play with our family:

1. Cornhole

Killingsworth Environmental Cornhole What you’ll need:

cornhole boards

8 bean bags

2-4 people for teams of singles or doubles

How to play:

Set the two platforms 27 ft apart. Teams or individuals will stand behind their board and toss bean bags at the counter board.

When the bag lands in the hole count three points if the bag lands on the board’s surface count one point.

The first team to score exactly 21 points wins.

Equal points cancel each other (example: if one team gets five points, and the other gets two, the winning team scores a total of three points.)

2. Badminton

Killingsworth Environmental badminton rackets and birdie What you’ll need:

2-6 people for small teams

A racquet per person

A birdie

5-foot badminton net

A court that is 44 ft long by 20 ft wide (if you’re playing by official rules – any open, grassy area will work)

How to play:

Serve the birdie from below the waist to the team across the net. From there, continue to hit the birdie back and forth between teams.

You can only hit the birdie once per side–it must be hit directly back across the net. When the birdie lands on the ground, or if your opponent makes a mistake like hitting out of bounds, under the net, or into the net, you are awarded a point.

The first team to score 21 points wins (you must win by two points).

3. Horseshoes

Killingsworth Environmental horseshoe pit What you’ll need:

2 metal stakes

4 horseshoes

2-4 players for teams of singles or doubles

How to play: Each player gets two horseshoes to pitch. The first player pitches both shoes, one at a time, and then the other player pitches their shoes to completes one “inning”. Walk to the stake and score that inning. Switch pitching order each inning. If you throw a “ringer” (completely around the stake) you’ll receive three points but if your opponent also throws a ringer then both cancel each other out and no one receives points. If neither player throws a ringer, the player with the shoe closest to the stake is awarded a single point. Score the only ringer and the shoe closes to the stake and score four total points.

4. Ladder Ball

What you’ll need:

  • 2 ladders
  • 2 people (for singles) or 4 people (for teams)
  • 6 bolas (two balls attached by a string)
How to play: Set the ladders five paces from each other. Each player gets three bolas. The first player tosses their bolas to the ladder and their opponent follows. Wrap your bola around each “rung” for points.

  • The top rung: score one point,
  • The middle rung: two points,
  • The bottom rung: three points.
If you knock your opponent’s bola off, their points are lost. An extra point is added to your score if you wrap a bola on each rung or if all three bola’s are wrapped around the same rung. Score exactly 21 points to win.

5. Kan Jam

What you’ll need:

  • 2 “kans”
  • 1 disk
  • 4 people for teams of doubles
  • 50 feet of space (if playing by official rules)
How to play: You and your partner stand at opposite kans and alternate throwing and deflecting the disks to hit the kan, or go inside the “kan” from the top or through the slot opening.

  • Score one point when your teammate deflects the disc to hit the kan.
  • Score two points when you throw the disc and hit the kan unassisted by a teammate.
  • Score three points when your teammate deflects the throw into the kan.
  • Win instantly when you throw the disk through the small slot opening on the kan.
  • You must score exactly 21 points to win.  
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