5 Outdoor Hardscapes to Add to Your Man Cave
  1. 5 Outdoor Hardscapes to Add to Your Man Cave

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

5 Outdoor Hardscapes to Add to Your Man Cave

Build Your Home Stadium With These Hardscapes

It's finally football season in the Queen City! While you're cheering on the Panthers as they claim their victories at the stadium, consider taking your own domain to the next level.

We all know that the setting is sometimes just as important as the presentation, and these hardscapes are the perfect addition to set the scene for inviting your friends over, turning on the game, and tuning out any stress you might have:

1. Fireplace or Fire Pit

There's something about fire - hearing it crackle in the fall with its warm and comforting scent is the perfect background to a great game. These two options - fire pits and fireplaces - could stand alone as hardscape ideas, but we grouped them together for their obvious similarities.

You can customize your fire pit or fireplace, designing them any way you want. The key difference is that a fireplace includes a firebox and chimney as basic features while the fire pit doesn't have a chimney, and is simply a hole with raised walls that your guests can gather around. Whichever fire form you choose, you can be sure that you will be happy with a new relaxing entertainment area both adult and kid guests will enjoy.

2. Grill Pit

Burgers and hot dogs have a special place at every tailgate. This addition transforms the backyard from an entertainment area to a kitchen and establishes your patio as a certified man cave. An outdoor grilling island is a great way to create a custom cooking area, even if you choose not to purchase any additional appliances. Just keep in mind the general wind pattern in your yard when planning how to orient the grill to ensure that smoke from the grill doesn't waft into your home.

3. Full Outdoor Kitchen

Yeah, you installed your grill...but why stop there? Outdoor kitchens can include sinks, extra counter space, dining areas and even stocked bars. Incorporating interior kitchen design ideas into your outdoor setting is a great way to add value and fun to your home. The best outdoor kitchens are as functional as an indoor kitchen, as welcoming as a living room, and as entertaining as a family room.

If you need any direction in your outdoor kitchen, contact us today and we'll be happy to help you brainstorm some ideas.

4. Cover

Just as Outkast sings, 'you could plan a pretty picnic, but you can't predict the weather.' Ain't that the truth. You never know when your tailgate will be rained out, BUT you do have the option of building a tall cover or roof over your outdoor kitchen so nothing will get in the way of your plans. You can enjoy cooking outdoors in the rain, or when you just need a break in the shade. We have plenty of options for patios covers, including the popular louvered roofs. These unfold like blinds when you want to stargaze, and with the flip of a switch, can connect again for full coverage.

5. Mounted Television

Now, this might just be the most important feature of your new and improved man cave. Imagine - It's 4th-and-5, 26 seconds left, the ball's inside the 10-yard line ... and your grill goes up in flames. Now you have to decide between seeing the play of the year or serving charred burgers. Having a TV outside allows you to watch every second of the game while being outside in the fresh air, manning your grill master position.

Of course, the best additions to your outdoor patio are your friends. There's nothing like being with your buddies, passing the pigskin during commercial breaks. If you need any help making your patio more inviting or building up your home stadium schedule a service with Killingsworth today!