How to Win Yard of the Month: December Edition
  1. How to Win Yard of the Month: December Edition

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

How to Win Yard of the Month: December Edition

Get The Best Yard On The Block With These Decorating Ideas

It's that time of year folks! Santa will be climbing through our chimneys before we know it, so how can we impress him?

If you want to win yard of the month (and Santa's approval) this December, then keep reading for some merry ideas!

Poinsettia Your Porch

Poinsettias are beautiful red and green plants that are popularly used in Christmas floral displays and decorations. Line your porch stairs with these gorgeous flowers to really set a classic Christmas tone for your family and guests. Your neighbors will struggle to compete!

Wreath Welcoming

Greet your guests at the door with a cheery Christmas arrangement. The wreath can be decorated in several jolly ways: with festive holiday flowers, ornaments, ribbons, string lights, garland, pinecones and berries, etc. Just choose your favorite style!

Light Up Your Life

This one may seem a bit obvious, but Christmas isn't Christmas without stringing some lights around the house! Go for a classic look of white lights or spice it up with some colorful lighting. Hang them wherever you see fit. Enjoy watching everyone's faces light up when they pass your house!

Wrap it in a Big Bow

Wrap some garland around your porch railings and/or mailbox, then top it off with a few big red ribbons and bows! This spiral arrangement will help give off the perfect Christmas vibe and put everyone who walks by in the holiday spirit.

We hope you enjoyed our December edition of how to win yard of the month. We are rooting for you! Oh and don't forget to leave out some cookies for Santa and his reindeer!

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