How to Win Yard of the Month: October Edition
  1. How to Win Yard of the Month: October Edition

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

How to Win Yard of the Month: October Edition

Get The Best Yard In The Neighborhood With These Decorations

October is an exciting month, between the seasons changing and Halloween festivities. This month we have special tips for you to get your yard in tip-top shape to ace yard of the month and get your well-deserved shout out!

Decorate and tidy up your yard with some of our favorite recommendations:

1. Wreath the benefits

Create or purchase an autumn-themed wreath to hang on your front door. This will give your house an instant fall pick-me-up. Your wreath can include fall colored flowers or leaves, mini pumpkins, gourds, and burlap ribbons!

If you choose to go the DIY route, we recommend starting with a frame like this one to get the clean, natural shape.

2. Welcome your friends with open....mats.

Doormats are great for wiping those dirty fall leaves off your shoes and welcoming your guests with a nice, simple fall message. Pick a mat that has browns and oranges to tie in your wreath, or you can go with a festive Halloween message like 'trick or treat.'

3. Don't neglect the stairs

Orange is definitely a trending color in October. Get festive by lining your porch stairs with an assortment of pumpkins and gourds. Layer a variety of sizes and weave in some green vines to portray a mini pumpkin patch leading up to your front door!

4. Fall for flowers and bushes

First and foremost, make sure your bushes are groomed and trimmed. You can also plant vibrant mums or other flowers in between your bushes to add a splash of color. We love seeing decorative flower pots with seasonal red, orange, yellow, and white flowers on the porch. The options are truly endless! And, for a fun festive decoration, add a mini scarecrow in front of your bushes, to tie your porch into your yard!

5. Mailboxes aren’t just for mail

Last but not least, don’t forget about your mailbox–most of the time, it is the first thing visitors see from the street! There are so many way to get creative. Flowers and ribbons are great at the base and there are tons of festive signs to choose from. You can even add pumpkins or haystacks to the base of your mailbox, just be careful if you’re close to traffic that might blow your hay into your yard. We hope you enjoyed our October Edition of how to win yard of the month! While you're preparing your yard for the fall season, make sure you take advantage of Killingsworth's expert lawn services!